Specializing in Executive, Professional, Managerial, and Sales resumes, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, and related job-search documents.


I’m Susan Connelly, founder of Ghostwriter Custom Resumes and a freelance writer who specializes in writing resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and related job-search documents such as cover letters, follow-up letters and reference lists. I am also an experienced interview coach who can help you anticipate interview questions, organize your thoughts and answer in a way that makes the interviewer think,"I could see this person in the job."


As someone who has been a hiring manager for a number of companies in different industries, who has had extensive formal training in various interview techniques and has looked at thousands of resumes to determine who gets an interview and who doesn’t, I can be a very valuable resource to you in your job search.


Partner with me and together we can get you on the road to the job you want.




the process

I prefer to start with an email from you stating what you are looking for – a new resume, a LinkedIn profile, a cover letter and/or a thank-you letter – with your current or most recent resume attached. This allows me to familiarize myself with your background and start to formulate ideas. I’ll contact you by email to set up a time for a phone consultation so we can discuss your needs and goals. I recognize that you may not be able to speak freely during business hours, so I’m happy to schedule our consultation for an evening or weekend if necessary. There is no cost for the consultation, and no obligation.



I’ll call you at the time we’ve agreed upon and will go through your resume with you. I’ll have numerous questions for you, and you’ll probably have questions for me as well. We’ll talk about where you’d like to go professionally, as well as where you’ve been, what strengths you have that we need to highlight, what

challenges we may be facing and anything else relevant to your resume and job search. I do not have a standard fee for resumes; I prefer to get an idea of the size and scope of the project to determine a quote that is fair to both of us. If you decide you’d like to hire me for your project, I will send you a detailed invoice through PayPal. You don’t need a PayPal account of your own; you can pay with any credit or debit card. I do require payment in full before I begin work on your project.




Once I have received your payment, I will get to work writing your resume and/or other documents. I’ll send you a watermarked first draft in PDF format, and we’ll come up with a time when we can go over it by phone so you can tell me what you like and what needs to be changed. I’ll go back to work on the document, make any changes you’ve requested, and email it to you so we can discuss it again. We’ll do this as many times as it takes, at no extra charge, for you to be perfectly comfortable and happy with your project.




Once you decide your resume or letter is complete, I will remove the watermark and release the resume to you in both Word and PDF formats. I release cover letters and thank-you letters in Word only, because they are customizable so you can use them for many different opportunities. All documents will match; they will all have the same header with your contact information. This creates a very professional, unified look to your suite of documents, and it makes a strong, positive impression with hiring managers.

How can I help you?

I prefer using email so I always have something to reference for our discussions.

Please contact me at susan@ghostwritercustomresumes.com


I look forward to hearing from you.



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